Xiaomi is one of the most popular names in the world of smart gadgets. The company has made its market based on the smartphones and slowly it expanded its roots in other niches like television, washing machine, routers, fitness bands, smart watches, air purifiers, power banks and much more. The company has launched number of products via crowd funding as well giving the market a hope that big brands can also do the research and development with the help of the public.

The company has launched different power banks suited for different power needs. One of the best selling Mi power bank currently is 2000 mAh. According to some ‘experts’ so much capacity is not required in the market right now but by looking at the pace of technology advancements, it looks like the 20000 mAh power bank is going to be the right investment. We have compiled a list of top 5 reasons why you should opt for this power bank over any other available in the market.

  1. Build: All the devices by Xiaomi come with strong built and the company does not compromise in terms of the quality at any given moment. The Mi power bank has aluminum built with a smooth metallic finish which makes it a strong competitor and durable device.
  1. Multiple recharge options: First of all as it has 20000 mAh capacities, you are not going to run out of juice anytime Most of the smartphones have 3500 mAh capacity that means you can charge your phone at least 5 times with this device. It also supports tablets, digital cameras, media players and other devices which can be charged via USB port. It has multiple outlets that mean you can charge multiple devices at the same time.
  1. Safety: Xiaomi is not in the mood to ruin its name by compromising on safety and quality. The company uses high-end chipset in the power bank to ensure there is no chance of short circuit or any accident.
  1. Efficient charging: The power bank comes with fast charging options that mean you can charge your phone or another device at a higher rate in comparison to other power banks in the market.
  1. Simple and tested: The device has a very easy to understand layout. You cannot mess up the buttons as it is easy to understand even for a layman. The LED indicators on the device give you an idea about the connected devices as well as the charge left in the power bank. The device has been tested vigorously by the company before being launched in the market. The company has tested its power banks with 5000+ microUSB insertions and removals along with 1500 USB insertions and removal to ensure they remain intact.

Xiaomi is known for quality at an affordable price and this device is the best example of the company’s motto.  The Mi 20000 mAh power bank is a good investment for any user who owns a smartphone along with a couple of other devices that may need charging on the go. With latest Diwali offers, you can get these power banks at unbeatable prices.