A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge in students and shapes their career. Students can’t excel in their career without a good teacher. The college reputation depends on the quality of the education they deliver. However, the journey from an ordinary person to a lecturer a reputed college is not that easy. One has to do a lot of hard work and sacrifices in order to become a lecturer in a reputed college or University.

Let’s see what it takes to grab a job in a reputed college or university. You can check the lecturer jobs vacancies on the online job platforms.

  1. Make yourself clear about which stream you want to choose and opt for it in your 12th standard (commerce, science or arts).
  1. Becoming a lecturer in a reputed university requires holding a bachelor’s degree. Make sure to clear your bachelor’s with good percentage. Most of the reputed universities look for a candidate holding more than 70-80 percentile in their graduation.
  2. You must clear your Post Graduation with good score (more than 55 percent). Apply for competitive exams like NET (minimum eligibility) to take up lecturer profession in any college. The better your percentile in this exam, the more chance of getting into reputed universities.
  1. If you are doing PhD or M.Phil., make sure that you have researched enough and published in journals or other popular platforms. Many IITs and NITs require these publications to get you into their institutions. Your research represents your expertise in the subject. Institutes like old IITs require international research experience, and in some cases, PhD from international universities would do. Moreover, a candidate holding PhD or M.Phil. or any other doctoral degree is given more priority at the time of selection.
  1. Finally, one must have great teaching skills. He/she must be able to understand the concepts he would deliver to the students and make them simple and clear for them. Most of the top universities give high priority to this skill because if one is not able to deliver a lecture, which helps to understand the concept, then it is of no use.

Now let us have a quick look at how to grab a job in this particular field. In order to get a lecturer job at a reputed college or University, one has to go through a process that takes months of effort. Mostly in the month of December and January, one can apply for it as per the process.

With the tips mentioned above, we hope you grab a job at one of the top universities. There are many lecturer jobs vacancies available. Apply for the ones that suit your previous experiences.