Owning a car is always a dream for people. The feeling is awesome when you own a car and it does not matter if it is new or a used car. Car plays a very important role in everybody’s life as people travel from one place to another for their basic needs. Whatever your budget is, you can find second hand cars in Mumbai upto 1 5 lakh. There are lots of questions that come to mind before buying a used car, but the most important question is: Should you go for a used or new one? We are here to help you clear all the confusions.

As we all know that the depreciation rate drops up to 30%-40% during the first three years, if you are looking for a good deal then used cars will definitely be the right choice. Keep in mind to get the car inspected by a mechanic to have peace of mind.

These days, we have lot of online tools like used car price calculator. So, with the help of these tools you can correctly get an idea of what the best market value of a used car is. Always try to get price quote from all possible dealers before starting the journey.

It is always better to visit a dealer on week days rather than weekends because many buyers come during weekends and most probably dealers don’t give enough time as there are lots of customers around them.

Some car makers usually give offers on some pre-owned cars. It’s better to go for them to save yourself from long term payments. Before taking any used car loan, compare the rate of interest with other available banks, read the terms and conditions before doing signature.

Always visit to a dealer with a friend who has ample knowledge regarding automobiles and also has the skill of negotiation. When you start negotiating, begin with a low but fair amount.

Be bold enough to ask all related questions to the private seller or the used car dealer. It can be any silly question like “Why are you selling the car”, “Has the car gone through any accident in the past” etc. Get all your doubts cleared.

If you are not comfortable with the deal, it is your hard-earned money. Move out or walk away at any point of time. It doesn’t make any sense to see the reaction of the dealer or the sales person.