It should come as no surprise that studies show Americans could stand to get a little more exercise.  What might surprise you, though, is that you could actually get a little more of this exercise just by standing a little more during the day. This is especially true if you sit at a desk.

You see, studies show that too many Westerners work while seated for 8 or 9 hours a day and then go home to sit or lie down on the couch.  And that does not even include how much time we spend sitting in traffic.

Can We Get More Exercise?

Of course, knowing that we need more exercise is simple: actually getting this additional exercise is another thing altogether.  The sad reality is that we really only need 20 minutes of moderate exercise a day to improve most of our health conditions. But work days seem to be getting longer and longer and incomes seem to getting smaller and smaller—so when are you going to find the time and how are you going to afford it?

Oddly, experts say that if you could just get up out of your desk about 10 minutes for every 90 minutes of seated work, it can slow down the development of most chronic disease.

A Standing Solution

One potential solution, then, might be to work at a standing desk. This is a desk where you stand instead of sit.  If you stand most of the day it improves circulation as well as metabolism and even helps you focus.  And when you improve these things you can also help reduce risk for obesity, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

Obviously, if you sit all day there is less strain on your legs and feet, your ankles and knees.  It is more comfortable, indeed.

The Best of Both Worlds (Sitting and Standing)

The best solution, then, might offer the benefits of both a sitting desk and a standing desk: something called Sit stand desks at  Sit stand desks let you sit when you want to sit—to rest your feet or get more comfortable—and stand when you want to stand—to stretch your legs and improve your focus.  These desks are convertible, which means they can easily switch back and forth from seated to standing with very little effort so you can simply keep working.