The flowing software updates of Fitbit means that there are lots of tricks and tips to get the most out of your device. For ensuring that your Fitbit Charge gives the most to you, first of all you need to ensure that your Fitbit is fed with the info about the wrist it is tied on.

You can pick either the non-dominant or dominant from the app, by wearing your Fitbit Charge on your dominant wrist is a good choice given that your hardware knows about it. This way, your device will be able to adjust its sensitivity for extra motion, which it may experience during wearing.

After this, you need to get its stride length sorted. This estimation by Fitbit Charge will be based upon your gender and height. However, you can guarantee the stride length accuracy by changing this value under the Personal Info tab. All you need for this is to visit Fitbit website.

How to Get More from Your Fitbit Device

  • Pair It With Your Smartphone

Fitbit has a MobileRun mode, which uses GPS data for tracking your runs and walks more accurately. Also, it lets the user control his/her music playlist from the app. For using MobileRun mode, all you need is to go to the app and then select the Exercise option from your home screen.

Then tap the stopwatch on the top right corner of your screen. There you’ll see a map showing your location. Simply press the start button when you’re ready for tracking your run.

  • Tag Exercise

Fitbit Charge HR and Surge has introduced an update, which automatically detects when the person is exercising. This way, it automatically logs the session. Then you can go through and tag these, be it a Zumba session, a run in park or a power talk to bus stop.

Tagging will help you in improving the session accuracy and will provide your data with more colour for looking back on. However, it is important that for tagging process to go smoothly, your Fitbit device is charged full. You need to pay special attention while charging your Fitbit device with a cable. You can visit online for Fitbit Charge HR cable tips.

  • Connecting to Strava

Strava is an important fitness platform, particularly for cyclists and now both work seamlessly together. Now, you can connect the Strava and Fitbit app for sharing the data both ways. You can go for cycle with Strava app so that the app can count towards your Fitbit motives.

  • Understanding Heart Rates

If you’re wearing a Fitbit Charge, don’t let the bad readings affect your training sessions. First of all, it’s important that you don’t wear the Fitbit too tight since the band can have effects on blood flow which can alter the results. However, if you wear it too loose, there are chances of band moving out of your wrist, which is also not good.


Hope this guide will help you to make the most out of your Fitbit device.