Payday loans with banks


Borrowers can not only borrow from banks. Banks from in particular advertise intensively on websites and in magazines for payday loan without remark.Rather, through credit brokers rather than advertisements, builders and homebuyers find out that they can also take out a real estate loan from a bank.

Payday loan without remark

It is true that payday loan are issued to banks without a remark request and without a remark entry. The main reason for this procedure on the side of the bank is that she can not make any inquiries as a non-member of the remark. For customers, payday loan from banks without remark are especially interesting if their remark information has more than one weak negative feature.

The bank uses a current account maintained by it for the loan transaction, so that the credit customer does not incur any costs for the receipt of money and the later repayments. However, because of the increased risk, banks limit lending to small amounts, which amount to between € 3,500 and € 5,000 for most institutions. Making several loan applications to different banks fails because the financial institutions do not report the borrowing to the remark, but to the comparable ZEK.

Further requirements for borrowing from a bank are citizenship for people living in y and a permanent job with a prescribed minimum income. banks usually demand slightly higher interest rates for debt-free payday loan than banks, but for many people, their offers represent the only realistic opportunity for lending.

Construction payday loan 

Construction payday loan 

For the construction or acquisition of real estate, payday loan can be taken from banks at favorable interest rates. Given the large sums of a remark request with few offers is essential. Since the Bank can not do this itself, it commissions a credit intermediary or a partner bank with the corresponding service.

Payday loan from banks for the purpose of real estate financing are disbursed in francs and are therefore foreign currency payday loan from the point of view of the builder or real estate purchaser. These are subject to the additional risk of currency fluctuation, especially since the exchange rate between the euro and the franc has not been determined.

There is only a minimum exchange rate below which the central bank intervenes. Of course, construction borrowers are hoping for a favorable price development. Another special feature of mortgage lending via a bank is that long fixed-interest periods are not common, as in y. As a result, construction payday loan will increase noticeably after a few years, even if there is currently no indication of an imminent significant increase in interest rates.

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