The Movavi video editor allows you to perform different editing work on all video clips you have. It acts as a handy tool which lets you to make new videos using your favorite parts in a video. Be it a requirement to have special effects on your videos, addition of sub titles for a tutorial video you just created in MKV format, cut one part or frame from a video or convert the videos in to another format, this editing software can do it all. In this review of Movavi video editor we can happily say that we were highly impressed by a number of features that can make even a first time user a video editing professional. Read on to learn lot more about this editing program from Movavi if you have the idea of editing some videos using a helpful tool. This review would also let you know why you must use this software to give a professional touch to your home videos.

Appealing interface

The Movavi video editor has a sleek and modern looking interface which is studded with loads of user friendly features to make video editing a simpler task. The organized look of the various editing options offers it a clutter free look and simple to operate style makes it a friendly initiative. This also saves you the trouble of accessing the program menu every time. You just have to add the video files to make the preferred adjustments, snip out the parts that you dislike, perform slight adjustments like splitting it in to a number of fragments and join it together to look at the effects while on a transition. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to improve the artistic nature of the video editing skills you have acquired recently.

Lets you perform different tasks

Apart from offering simple editing tools which can make an amateur video clip look impressive, it also lets you to import both DVDs and 3D video clips, capture audio tracks or video streams and burn any kind of multimedia content in to discs.

Customizing the movie

If you wish to make customized tough to any movie or video file then this Movavi video editor lets you to include titles with text in the beginning or during the end of each track. It can also let you overlay the text file on the clips with video to enable it to look like a comment while it is playing. This makes this software tool a perfect slideshow maker as presenters can get well edited slides in no time which can be played with smooth transition during a presentation regarding a new project or a topic. They can also add any song or audio track to enhance the value of your slide show presentation and to attract viewer’s attention.

In short, we can conclude that Movavi video editor has the right kind of features to unfurl your creativity and help you get a perfect video in no time.