Installing and managing business servers can seem like a big task, especially if you are new company dealing with the digital trends for the first time. Back in the past, companies had to hire in-house team of server management experts, who would also deal with computer issues and common network errors. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend that kind of money anymore. Today, there are services that specialize in server management, installation and maintenance, and they can take care of your needs and queries as needed. In this post, we have five pointers that will help in finding the right company.

  • First things first, understand your needs. If you have in-house experts, you will probably need initial help with the setup, while other companies may also need regular maintenance assistance. Keep in mind that these services charge you on the ‘scope of work’.

  • Ask for quotes. The prices, as mentioned, will depend on the work. Ideally, it’s best to hire a company on a contract per year. You will pay a fixed price, and they will handle all the required maintenance work. In some cases, some repairs and hardware replacement services are charged additionally. You need to know the inclusions and exclusions as a client.
  • The services for server management can be divided into four segments – software, hardware, OS support and upgrades. All these segments are dependent on one another, so you need a company that can handle everything in the nutshell.
  • The level of technical support is also an aspect worth considering. Does the company offer phone and email assistance for queries and questions? Do they have an in-house of team of expert engineers who can deal with hardware replacement? If yes, what kind of experience do they have?
  • Remote support is extremely important, especially when it comes to software issues. You need to know if the concerned team has the required resources to offer remote assistance for certain issues. You can check our website to know more.

Finally, do take a call on whether you want to commit to long term services in the first place, which might not be a great idea in some situations. In any case, you should have the discretion to choose the kind server maintenance contract you want. Also, read the terms and conditions related to the scope of services, which determines the things that are not included in the fee charged by the concerned company. Check online to find reliable server services!