SAP could be the condition from the art ERP software also to get certified just like a Consultant or possibly a joint venture partner is very desirable. This informative article explores information regarding SAP certification and offers a apparent picture which it requires along with what it fetches you.

What’s Certification

There are numerous kinds of certification (Like Vendor Certification, product certification), along with the purposes need to know , we’ll explore a little more about Consultant (now separated into Affiliate and Professional).

Recommended Exam Topics

You’ll find recommended topics for weightage for all the exams it conducts. Among might be acquired here. There’s also test pattern (volume of questions, weightage, time etc), locations, needs etc as of this location.

Which side i make test

You’ll be able to make test in the approved testing centers (Pearson Vue, Prometric, etc). Browse the training website according to country for more information. When looking to get Pearson, you will be requested with an id (referred to as s-id). You’ll be able to call the SAP and ask for the identical. Several will probably be dispatched for you personally by email from Germany inside a couple of days if you are in the usa. This can be number to make use of at Pearson.

Which exam can i take?

SAP supplies a simple Certification finder tool (provided in the finish) to take away the exams with various volume of criteria like the product you are writing for, the type of Certification by the type of solution. If you are already training while using Academy they’ll demonstrate. Otherwise, you’ll be able to contact working out services for more information.

Getting SAP exam can be quite hard in a single. You will need to forage through Forums. Or follow the link above to discover some sample questions.


To acquire certified is costly (around Five-hundred Dollars). If you are not used to ERP, increase the training costs, traveling costs(to visit the Academy), hotel costs etc. Really, there’s already a completely new e-learning training program within the academy in place since the last 3 years to function remote training. That will considerably decrease the costs(It’s roughly 50% from the particular classroom training). For individuals who’ve lately been employed in america strategies you’ll be able to avoid going to the training without showing experience. In countries like India, it’s presently mandatory to endure Academy training to merely titled towards the examination (once again in the event you show relevant experience you are waived using this requirement).

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