Most people consider having a big, new flat screen TV as a worthy piece to display in the living room or den. It’s bound to become the centre of attention in a room, and a conversation starter whenever there are guests around.

For homeowners, it’s best to have the TV mounted on the wall because it saves space and makes the home or apartment look more organised and tidy. Instead of occupying space on a large table or using a TV organiser, having it on the wall makes space for a lot of other things in the room, such as speakers and other appliances for entertainment.

However, before you go out and buy the first TV mount you see, it’s important to take several things into consideration. Here are a few:

  1. Don’t mount the TV on top of the fireplace. While some people consider the fireplace a focal point in their home, the heat generated by a fireplace can damage your television even if it’s a few feet below the TV. Look for an area that isn’t affected any direct sunlight, to protect your TV.
  2. Conceal the wires. There will be lots of cables, especially if you want to plug the TV into the internet. Have an electrician mount the TV for you and have the wires concealed at the same time. This will give your room a clean, streamlined look and will keep the television from looking out of place in the room.
  3. Is it near an outlet? Having a wall mounted TV may be a challenge when it comes to finding a power outlet near it. Your electrician may need to create additional sockets to accommodate the new TV or use an extension cable. Again, the wires and cables can be cleverly concealed to prevent people from tripping over them on the floor.
  4. What angle is best? Consider the position and angle of your television. If you pick a fixed television mount, you won’t be able to move it around or tilt it when you’re watching. So, check the angle when you’re sitting, standing, or moving around the house. Make sure that you decide on a “sweet spot” where you will still be able to see most of the TV even when you are walking around.
  5. Get an adjustable mount. If you want the freedom of being able to tilt, swivel and adjust your television depending on what you’re doing or where you are in the room, you should get an adjustable mount. This way, you can adjust it to avoid the glare of the afternoon sun, or when you’re sitting at a different spot in the room.

Having a new mount for your TV can be a big thing, but don’t be overwhelmed. Get an expert to help you when it comes time to installing it.

Image via (RK008)