Security cameras play an important role in every business security plan. Every business owner would want to see his business strengthening its root day by day. Smooth functioning of business operations is very much essential for its growth.

It is not possible to keep an eye on all the parts of the office premises always. However, with the help of technology, one can track the total operations sitting at a place. Thus, most of the companies are tuning into the idea of getting security cameras installed.

There’s no doubt that security cameras help businesses to progress, but they are a way towards huge investment too. In order to help business owners, Hikvision subsidies help business to invest in surveillance systems for lower costs.

Business owners are finding this technology as the best option to keep their operations under surveillance, especially when they aren’t around. Once you have decided to invest in security cameras, the question that comes up is – ‘Which is the best place to install security cameras in order to get the best out of them?’


If you want to check who is entering and leaving the business premises with or without permission, make sure to install security cameras at the entrance/exit door. There is an old saying – ‘Trouble never knocks the door before coming’, which holds true. Entrances and exits are the best places to capture people’s faces too.

Reception Area

It is one of the high-traffic areas. So, it is important to keep it under surveillance. It is the first zone to locate whether the employee or an outsider stepped into your business premises.


As the name suggests, work station is the place where all the action takes place. In order to keep an eye on every employee, it is advised to install security cameras in these places. It also helps to clear the doubt if any attendance mismatch happens.


Store Rooms


Important files and sensitive documents are to be kept secret. By installing security cameras in these places, you can easily monitor who is accessing confidential files without permission. Apart from that, you can also keep an eye on office stationeries. Thus, office materials cannot be stolen for personal use.




This is the place where goods are stored in bulk quantity and they can be stolen for personal use or for any other activity. So, installing security cameras in warehouses may prevent huge losses. Make sure to install cameras within and outside the warehouse, which can capture large areas.