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The decision to take out a loan is not difficult. But the consequences of a reckless decision can be fatal, of course.

Loan companies run very intrusive advertising campaigns. And not only the largest operators on the market, but also the small, local ones. What to look for before making a decision about choosing a company and a loan? And how to find a good and the cheapest payday?

Use the following search engine of proven loan companies on the internet. Short-term loans, so-called payday.

In the media very often there are information about loan companies, and even people who do not conduct business activity, who have cheated their clients. And we’re not talking about the so-called parabanks, which formally do not exist on the Polish market (because in Polish law there is no such definition). You can protect yourself against making a bad decision about the lender by choosing proven loan companies online. Next to it is a search engine of payday loans, making it easier to make the right decision. Remember: only a proven loan company is trustworthy!

Before deciding whether to take out a non-bank loan, ask yourself whether in fact such a loan is needed and, most importantly, whether we will be able to settle it within the prescribed period. If there are doubts, you should definitely opt out of this service.

Choosing a loan company

Choosing a loan company

In the event that we decided on a loan, the next step should be to review the loan offers. But you should not use services from any company! We avoid companies or people offering cash loans from a distance, whose advertising we found “on the pole”, advertising portals or in the press, and which give only the e-mail address or mobile phone. It is like a highway that will lead us to a lot of trouble.

Loan companies that you can possibly trust are legally operating companies (check the search box for payday loans and online loan companies above), which adhere to the law and act in a transparent way. You can contact such a loan company in many ways, also at its headquarters (if it conducts stationary activities). Additionally, to be sure, one should check whether it is not blacklisted in the KNF.

The costs of a loan that will pay us are very important. Pay attention to the total cost of the loan, not just its nominal interest rate, which may amount to 0%. Loan companies offering short-term cash loans do not earn interest on interest, but from various additional fees and commissions resulting from the tariff.

Positive verification of the loan application should be happy, but it does not mean that you can sign a contract! It should be read carefully and only when it does not raise any doubts, submit your signature on it.

First minute for free

First minute for free

Many online companies offer loans for new customers for free. You can check it using the weekly search engine. And in fact, there are no fees, if so according to the regulations. Where is the crow? After all, companies will not earn anything on such a client? At the first loan, probably not, but next time, yes. Loan companies also count on the fact that the consumer will not repay the loan on time and will be forced to extend it, and then the meter is already beating…

As you can see, a non-bank loan is not only a minimum of formalities and a fast loan, but also high costs and irresponsible borrowing also high probability of falling into a spiral of debt. Loan companies, like all business entities, are profit-oriented and do not act charitably. Therefore, in the case of non-compliance with obligations, much higher costs should be incurred through court proceedings.

A non-bank loan or a cash loan in a bank

A non-bank loan or a cash loan in a bank

Of course, with the right creditworthiness, it is better to take advantage of the bank offer. The above image leads to the tab where the cash loans finder is located in banks. It is worth mentioning, however, that no bank will provide a cash loan of, for example, PLN 500 for 20 days. Or the first loan for free for a new customer. There are no such promotions, only the exclusion in a loan company. And it’s usually the one that runs its business through the internet. For consumers who want to borrow money from the bank for a short period of time, there is a limit in the bank account or credit card.

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