Yes, we all know, you’ve probably heard everything before – the jargon from big companies selling you costly software that you are fairly sure you do not need. And what’s Business Intelligence (BI) anyway?

As pictures of computers in suits undergo the mind, we want to consider this chance introducing ourselves and provide you with a really quick summary of the advantages of purchasing BI or enterprise performance management (EPM) software.

We are not getting in to the technical side in our software – we are able to save that later on when we have convinced you about all of the benefits and business advantages you will see when you start to make use of BI. Today, we are only likely to take a short while to go over the functions we believe you will find helpful in running your organization.

Data everywhere. Intelligence nowhere.

Seems like familiar, you are most likely battling with spreadsheets, ready for you each month from your line managers. Issues with spreadsheets appear when individuals add or take away posts or rows and have differing interpretations in regards to what goes where. Frequently, the information has run out of date when it will get for you and stragglers help make your month-finish, as well as your year-finish, a nightmare.

A BI solution will gather, store and supply immediate access to mission critical information. It’ll vastly enhance the speed at which you’ll calculate and consolidate your computer data, enabling you to make comparisons within minutes making far better business decisions.

Pinpointing profit and loss

Without having accurate and timely information, it’s tough to analyse operational effectiveness. Everyone knows that we have to keep our costs low to increase our profits and stand above your competition. So we most likely have the ability to an over-all idea regarding where our profit losses are occurring. But we have to stop guessing and begin knowing. Your BI solution will help you identify areas which are neglecting to meet objectives and encountering cost overruns, enabling you to make mid-course alterations in correct the problem.

Currency conversions

With respect to the scope of the operations or projects, accurate and timely information is critical, but same with accurate or more-to-date currency conversion. Your BI solution will give you a effective engine for top-speed calculations and automatic currency conversions with exchange difference capture. This enables you to definitely monitor actual costs and expenses inside a fluctuating atmosphere, keep an eye on income making any needed budget adjustments.

Forecasting and scenario analysis

Yes, we must be honest, this will be our favourite function. Since your BI solution integrates your computer data from multiple sources, and since it features a built-in standard validation function, your forecasting is dependant on reliable, historic data. This produces highly accurate forecasts for the decision-makers.

But, your BI solution may take forecasting and proper intending to another level using scenario analysis. Which means that you are able to ask as numerous “let’s say?” questions as you desire. In case your operations rely around the cost of gas, or you are worried about volatile material costs, all of these are factors which may be run as queries to provide you with almost immediate solutions to questions which have an effect on your profitability. It enables you to view where one can create efficiencies without negatively inside your core business or service and offers a powerful foundation for informed proper planning.

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